I’m originally from Brazil and couldn’t handle to harsh winters of Ithaca NY, so I moved to North Carolina.
I have a degree in computer science and love geeking out about programming. One of my addictions is motorcycle races. Yes, I wake up 3 in the morning to watch free practices. I’ll watch anything that goes fast… Heck, put two turtles to race and I’ll stop and watch them! Hey.. don’t judge cool

My second addiction is photography.
As soon as I walk into a place I’m analyzing lights, lines and thinking how would I shoot here. Only now I’m starting to get into drinking coffee. I still don’t love it, but it’s good during the winter.


Hello! Here is Dani, short for Daniela.
I would never think I would become a photographer and photo editor with a background in Civil Engineer back in Brazil, the country where I am from. Growing up in a family with 3 siblings, my parents always made sure to register the happiest moments of our lives through photographs and lots of albums. My parent’s Wedding album, in particular, is my biggest inspiration. It is so beautiful and it says everything about their love of more than 50 years.
Aside from photography, my passion is traveling! I love to be able to follow my dreams wherever they take me! With my sensitive personality, I am constantly trying to do my best in making people around me happy. Most of the time you will see a smile in my face! I really enjoy being a sensitive happy girl, and I am so fortunate to work with what I love!

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Photographer was my # 1 thing when I knew that I was about to get married. Clay was the first vendor I contacted to be my photographer at my wedding. I have million other options to choose but ‘I LOVE THE QUALITY OF THEIR WORK’. Not only that, Dani and Clay are very accommodating, they are on time, flexible and fun people to deal with.
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