Trust your wedding photographer

Trust is the key ingredient to any relationship and this is true for the relationship you have with your wedding photographer. There’s a reason you chose them to capture the most important day of your life. While you may have a vision of how you want your images to turn out, you are going to have to trust your photographer for the most part. Trusting your photographer a little more in these main areas will not only result in better images, but It will also relieve you of some stress as well.

1. Choosing the Location of the Shot

You wedding photographer will have taken the time to familiarize themselves with your reception location or areas around your ceremony site to find the best places to photograph. They’ll know where gets the best light and where the best scenery is.

Just married couple in front of beautiful church with dramatic sky

2. Time of Day to Shoot

Your photographer should know when to use natural or artificial light (flash) to produce the best lighting. In case of natural light, he/she will know what time of day will be best to take those gorgeous outdoor shots without harsh shadows. Ideally, you want a photographer well versed in natural and artificial light. A natural light photographer is limited by which time of the day he/she can produce the best images. A photographer who’s an expert in lighting (natural and artificial), should be able to distinguish when to use each. You’ve seen images with what we called ‘blown out skies’, when the sky is totally white. This means the photographer used natural light and exposed for the subject, blowing out the existing sky colors. A good photographer creates well lit images, like the above, showing the subject and sky and its majesty!

Wedding bride portrait at the beach | Wedding photographer Raleigh NC

3. Poses – Trust your wedding photographer on that one

Put trust in your wedding photographer is essential. He/she will know what pose is the most flattering for you. They can see how the light is illuminating you and what is in the background. Your photographer should take into consideration your picture ideas, but keep in mind that most times you’ll be working with limited time and you don’t want to waste much of it on your big day.


4. Editing Your Photos

Trust your photographer creative eye during the editing process! They will know which images will look best in black and white, color, cropped and which ones to add special effects to, if any. Part of the editing process is a part of their style and this is one of the reasons you hired them. Trust them to use their skills to make each image stunning.

It’s important to visit the photographer’s website beforehand, and don’t make any commitment before seeing some real prints. Nowadays, computers, tablets and phones have very high resolution screen and it’s virtually impossible to see a bad picture on those screens. The only way to see how well your images will print, is to see the photographers printed work. A good photographer should never shy away from a face to face meeting where he/she can show you samples of their work.

freeEngagement-Sept2019 - 5D4_1163.jpg | Raleigh wedding photographer

5. Handling Printing Your Photos

Your photographer knows where to get prints made and probably has a long-term relationship with a reputable printing company. Trust your wedding photographer relationship with the labs across the world. The worst thing you can do is have a stunning image, order a large print and find the colors are off, the image is blurred or it simply looks dull. Knowing where to get your prints made, what size they should be done in, and which ones will look best in your albums, wall art or thank you cards is part of the package you get when you hired a professional photographer. Trust them and listen to what they think will look best for what you want.

Think of your photographer as your trusted advisor. He/she is the expert on what they do and will know how to handle your prints and albums. After your wedding day, music, food and flowers are in the past. What stays with you for the rest of your life? You’re right, it’s photography and you want to preserve these memories for years to come. Don’t go 100% digital. You know at some point you will change phones, a computer will crash and you will lose your memories. We all have lost digital images. Think about how digital media is changing. CDs used to be THE thing. Now, new computers don’t come with CD drives anymore. The THING now is pen drives but for how long? There’s no do over when it comes to wedding so think ahead.

product.jpg | Raleigh wedding photographer
photos-by-clay-send-off-garden-on-millbrook-jessica-and-antwine-wedding.jpg | Raleigh wedding photographer