As a Wedding Photographer in Raleigh NC, we’ve seen great and not so great DJs, and have seen how much they can make or break a wedding reception.

When planning your wedding entertainment, there are several items you should consider before signing a contract with a wedding DJ.
It’s your party after all and you want your guests to have tons of fun and talk about it for months, if not years, to come.

Keep reading. I’m giving you 8 tips for hiring a wedding DJ! Wedding photographer Raleigh

1 – Wedding DJs are different from any other DJs. Your DJ should act as your MC (master of ceremony). He or she will have the responsibility of the announcements and introductions. So, it’s important that your DJ has your timeline and works together with the photographer and videographer, making sure they’re ready 5 or 10 minutes before the announcements happen.

2 – Look for a wedding DJ who’s not only willing but is comfortable with taking requests from the crowd. He or she should have a broad musical knowledge and library to make sure everybody has a great time.

3 – Before your wedding day, give your DJ not only a playlist but also a ‘not to play’ list. It’s your day and you want to dance to your favorite tunes. When planning your playlist, don’t forget to add something the older guests will also enjoy.

4 – Ask for an action video of some type of the DJ working a wedding. You’re looking for a DJ who can read the crowd and adapt as the dance floor gets empty or crowded.

5 – Don’t go cheap!
You get what you pay for. PERIOD. It’s important to know when shopping for a DJ, cost is a factor. The cost to run a business in the entertainment industry is not cheap. Keep in mind you are paying for music knowledge, entertainment ability, equipment use, transportation and most of all, experience.

6 – Face to face meeting!
Make sure you have time for a face to face meeting and stay away form the DJs who don’t want to meet you before your special day. This will the true for ALL your vendors. Remember that some of these vendors, like your photographer, will spend the entire day with you and you want to make sure you guys get along.

7 – I’m kind’a repeating myself here but it’s very important. Make sure your DJ is knowledgeable with wedding timelines. It’s very important that your guests and other vendors are ready for all changes that will happen throughout the night. As a wedding photographer in Raleigh NC, I’ve been in situations where I in a different room photographing the rings, then heard the toasts starting. I had to stop immediately and rush to the reception room not to miss the moment.

8 – Get a contract. This doesn’t go only for DJs. All your wedding vendors should provide you with a contract. DO NOT work with a vendor who refuses to give you a contract.